A Must Read: The Vitreous Woman

Who is a woman?

The oxford advanced dictionary described a woman as an adult female human, a wife or a sexual partner. While the bible in Gen 2 vs 18 describes a woman as one created by God to be a help meet which means without a woman in a home, office, establishment, church, in the society, man alone cannot meet up to his expectation or actualize his task. No wonder there is a where a woman is not found today.

Who is a virtuous? Prov 31 vs 10 say “Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies”. A virtuous woman is different from every other woman. She is one who has every character as listed in Prov 31 vs 11:28; she is perfect in her home and also a source of blessings to the society at large.

She is one who sacrifices her time and everything to God; she if faithful, always praying, dedicated to God, obedient and caring, loving, accommodative and she fears God in all her doings.


  • A virtuous woman is one that is faithfully involved in God’s service such as soul winning or evangelism and every other work in the house of God.
  • She is one that opens her heart to God so as receive either through prayer or studying, because God will not speak to a heart that is not willing, so her heart must be willing to receive God and the heart must be cleansed from all filthiness. (Ezekiel 14 vs 3-4). It is expected of every woman to always create time to have fellowship with God.
  • Prayer: She makes praying a lifestyle, that is, she does not pray only when there is need but she prays because she sees prayers as what she must do to survive. It is expected of every woman not to seek the face of men but God’s.
  • She is one who lives in total obedience to the word of God, because when she obeys the word of God she has the boldness to approach God without any form guilt.
  • A virtuous woman is never found gossiping, she is always occupied with the things of God and she is always praying, standing in the gap for her family. She can stand before men in every aspect of life.
  • Faith: She has absolute dependence on God in everything she does.

In conclusion, God’s expectation for Christian women is to be virtuous.           To be virtuous is to be peculiar, prayerful, obedient, caring, having the fear of God, living a sacrificial life accommodative and hospitable.

By: Pastor (Mrs.) Kuewanbhor Lovelyn

Genera Overseer


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